Stabbed woman dies in northern suburbs

Police are searching for Clarence Weber, Jr., the woman's estranged husband.

"We noticed a lot of commotion in the lobby and one of the employees just steering us to the side, they were saying keep going, keep going," said Mary Ellen Finnegan, hotel guest.

The victim was a 31-year-old waitress at the Walker Brothers Pancake House in Lincolnshire. It is unclear if the stabbing took place in the restaurant. The woman ran to the Spring Hill Suites Hotel located across the parking lot where she collapsed near the front desk.

"The man giving her CPR told me and my little cousin to just leave. And so then, when I have been asking these two guys in there what is going on, they just won't tell me anything," said hotel guest Becca Stamm.

"The person did walk into the hotel, did require emergency assistance, we did apply first aid and called 911 right away," said Spring Hill Suites General Manager Michael Croke.

Police want to talk to Clarence Weber. The two haven't lived together in some time. The victim's children and other relatives are in protective custody, until the police catch up with Weber.

"I believe her family, at this point, woud be very concerned that we're taking every precaution that her family has been informed and proper steps have been taken to make sure everybody else is protected as we speak. They are with officers and they are safe," said Detective Domenic Cappelluti, Lake County Major Crimes Task Force.

For nearly five hours, hotel guests in town for family reunions and other events were directed away from the lobby. All stunned to hear of a stabbing that ended with a woman's death in their hotel lobby.

"You expect something like this in the city but not in a small quiet town like this," said Brian Stamm, hotel guest.

Police are stopping just short of labeling Weber as a suspect, and have reason to believe he's headed for Chicago.

Officials say the murder is the first in Lincolnshire in at least 20 years.

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