Bond denied for man who bought deadly toxin

ROCKFORD, Ill. Bachner appeared before a federal judge in Rockford on Monday afternoon. In addition, prosecutors told the judge that Bachner was allegedly plotting to kill his wife

Prosecutors say that Bachner took out a multimillion dollar life insurance policy on his wife, a policy that his wife didn't know about. Rebecca Bachner was in court on Monday, and she continues to stand by her man.

Edward Bachner will remain in a federal prison after the judge heard more evidence against the 35-year-old Lake in the Hills man who was recently arrested for unlawfully possessing a deadly toxin. Bachner shook his head when prosecutors told a judge that Bachner's wife, the subject of an alleged murder-for-hire plot, investigated by the FBI a couple of years ago.

"That allegation is somewhat suspect and the reason being is the fact the FBI did conduct an investigation, he was never arrested. They did question him but more telling on that point is the fact that his wife was never notified of the alleged assassination plot," said James Marcus, Bachner's attorney.

Prosecutors say Bachner had a $5 million life insurance policy on his wife with a rider attached for an act of terrorism. In addition, the government says the FBI found a stockpile of supporting evidence in his Lake in the Hills home, including books on how to poison human ands, how to make a silencer and disable a car. Items recovered included 50 knives, fake CIA credentials, a fake hand grenade, castor beans, which is a precursor to rici and a handgun.

"This is the first I've actually heard of it so I really don't have a comment with respect to that," said Marcus.

Bachner was taken into custody two weeks after the FBI found vials of tetrodotoxin, a toxin that comes from a puffer fish. Prosecutors allege that Bachner ordered 64 vials. Twenty-five were recovered, 20 had residue left over and 19 are still missing.

According to the FBI, Bachner ordered the toxin by posing as a doctor doing research.

Bachner is expected back in court on July 29th. As for his bond being denied, his attorney said that Bachner expected it.

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