New Orleans's BBQ Shrimp


1 lbs 21-25 wild Mexican Shrimp ( peeled and deveined)

3 Tbl Cajun seasoning

2 Tbl Olive Oil

3 fl oz Worcestershire Sauce

2 fl oz Lemon Juice

2 fl oz Heavy Cream

3 Tbl Garlic Butter


1. Heat Sauté pan on High.

2. Season shrimp with Cajun Seasoning.

3. Put oil into sauté pan.

4. When the oil starts to smoke add the shrimp.

5. Turn the shrimp over once and deglaze with Worcestershire Sauce and Lemon Juice.

6. Reduce liquid until it is like a syrup.

7. Add the heavy cream.

8. Remove from heat and add the butter siring constantly.

9. Serve with crusty garlic bread for dipping.

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