Bulls No. 1 pick pleads guilty to speeding

GENEVA, Ill. In April, Rose was ticketed for allegedly driving his Land Rover over 100 mph along the Ronald Reagan Tollway.

It wasn't as much of a slam dunk at the Kane County Courthouse as Rose might have hoped for.

Rose entered a plea of guilty. He was caught April 29 going 106 mph in a 65 mph zone in his Land Rover on Interstate 88 just west of Route 47. He said he was coming home from visiting friends at Northern Illinois University. His attorney told the judge Rose had a perfect driving record and had never been ticketed before.

Rose was facing up to $2,500 in fines. The judge ordered him to pay $1,000 and to be under court supervision for six months. He must also undergo four hours of traffic safety school.

Afterwards, the 19-year-old Rose signed autographs for Bulls fans and told ABC7 it would never happen again.

"I just didn't know how fast I was going. I was on my way home," said Rose. "I learn from my mistakes and it will never happen again."

"He was going home, driving down I-88, and it was late, and there was no traffic on the road, and he lost track of the speed he was driving and very much regrets it," said Terry Ekl, attorney.

Rose says, despite all this, he's been busy lately train for the upcoming Summer Olympics and says he will be ready to start for the Bulls when the new season begins.

Once he successfully completes his six months of court supervision, ABC7 is told, the case will be dismissed and this will not remain on his driving record.

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