69 underage drinkers cited after party bust

NAPERVILLE They were cited or charged for a huge underage drinking party in Naperville. The police came when neighbors complained. It happened in the 2600-block of Blakely Lane.

Naperville police say an unoccupied home on Blakely Lane was the scene of an unauthorized party Monday night. As many as 70 youths were there, police say, at the invitation of 19-year-old Thang Vo, whose grandparents own the house -- unoccupied and for sale.

"You establish authority and have to let people know this is going to take time to get processed," said Cmdr. Dave Hoffman, Naperville Police.

A dozen Naperville police officers responded to a neighbor's complaint about the party just before midnight. Vo had the keys because he was supposed to take care of the overgrown lawn and garden. Instead, police say, he threw a party. They were taken aback at its size.

"I have been here for 29 years and I can't think of a party where there were this many people at, and we had to write so many citations," said Hoffman.

Vo, who lives a block away on Lexington Lane, was arrested and charged with criminal damage to property, criminal trespass to residence, illegal possession of alcohol by a minor and providing illegal liquor access.

Sixty-eight other youths between ages 15 and 20 received citations at the scene on charges relating to criminal trespass and alcohol consumption or presence restriction -- being around while underage drinking is happening. Several were charged with possession of cannabis and possession of drug paraphernalia.

And a bunch of kids who locked themselves in an upstairs bedroom or gave police false names received citations for obstructing police.

Eight cited were juveniles. And one, a 16-year-old Naperville girl, was found unconscious inside the home and was transported to Edward Hospital. Police say after regaining consciousness, she received two citations.

"Honestly, what I am happy about is if teens stayed in the neighborhood and if they didn't drive, that is a good thing," said neighbor Sarah Dennison.

Police say most of the youths were from Naperville and Aurora. They issued 130 total citations.

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