Lake Michigan rescue fails to save boy

WAUKEGAN He'd been swimming with friends at Waukegan Beach.

The paramedics and doctors say they did all they could to try to save the boy.

The conditions in Lake Michigan Tuesday were far from ideal. It was windy and choppy. The boy was with two friends who managed to make it out of the water.

The boy had already been in the water for about an hour when divers went in after him. He was swimming in the lake when a nearby lifeguard lost sight of him and called for help. Firefighters responded quickly while witnesses on the beach watched helplessly.

Divers found the 13-year-old about halfway up the north break wall.

Paramedics tried to resuscitate him and doctors continued to work on him for another hour before he was pronounced dead. They had not yet identified the boy, waiting to make sure all relatives have been notified.

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