Peterson denies friends' account of wire taps


"My thing is ... if they recorded me for seven months, it's going to clear me more than it's going to hurt me," the former Bolingbrook police sergeant told The Associated Press on Wednesday.

Paula Stark wouldn't talk on camera Wednesday night about the Sun-Times article reporting that she and Len Wawczak wore a wire for seven months and secretly recorded their conversations with Drew Peterson. But the couple's niece is standing by them.

"They're not lying. I'm proud of what they did. And I back them 100-percent. The whole family backs them. We're very proud of what they did," said Terry Stoll, couple's niece.

Drew's wife, Stacy, disappeared last October. Police have called him a suspect in the case but he has not been charged.

Wawczak and Stark told the Sun-Times that, "He said he wasn't worried about them finding Stacy's remains down the road because he figured by that time he would have been tried and acquitted."

While Stark is going to appear on ABC's Good Morning America Thursday morning to talk about why she wore a wire, Drew Peterson is planning to make a TV appearance of his own. It is not clear which network he will appear on.

Stacy Peterson's sister is encouraged that the couple, who had been friends with Peterson for 16 years, turned on him.

"I think it's good. People are coming forward, they're starting to see the real Drew and they want to see the truth so they're turning on him," said Cassandra Cales, Stacey Peterson's sister.

Wawczak and Stark also say that Peterson had some harsh words for his third wife, Kathleen Savio. She was found dead in a bathtub in 2004. Her death was originally ruled an accident, but after her body was exhumed last year it was reclassified as a homicide.

"A lot of the stuff that I read, I found disgusting. But I really wasn't surprised by it knowing Drew," said Melissa Doman, Savio's niece.

Peterson wouldn't talk to reporters Wednesday. But his attorney says Wawczak and Stark recently asked Drew for money and that's their motivation.

"I specifically went over each comment with Drew did you say this, did you say that and he is adamant that he never said any such thing," said Joel Brodsky, Drew Peterson's attorney.

Illinois state police will not confirm or deny the Sun-Times report. They say they are continuing to investigate.

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