Police raid home, find 10 pit bulls

Police are still searching for the owner of the dogs.

Police learned of the dogs after neighbors complained of hearing barking at all hours. Police went in on Thursday and discovered evidence of dog fighting as well as the 10 pit bulls locked in cages in the basement. One by one, five adults and at least five puppies came out. All but one was a pit bull. Many of the dogs have scars on top of their heads that could come from dog fighting.

Police found several other items that could be used in dog fighting as well.

"We also recovered chains. And like I said before, the chains are indicative of animal fighting. They put them around them necks to callous their necks and to strengthen their necks," said Lt. John Garrido, Chicago Police Department.

Police forced their way into the home on a warrant. The dog's owner was not there. But police cite a relatively new law that makes it illegal for a convicted felon to own or live with vicious dogs or those not spayed or neutered.

"Our information revealed that residing here with these animals is a convicted felon which is illegal within 10 years of their incarceration," said Garrido.

"There is no dog fighting. Those are family dogs," said a woman who claimed to live in the home. She denied the dogs are being raised for fighting but offered no explanation about the tires in the backyard that could be used for training dogs to fight or the pit in the yard used to stage those fight.

Neighbors say they had no idea what the dogs were used for.

"I don't know what people are doing around here," said neighbor Migtalia Sepulveda.

The suspects who allegedly own the dogs was convicted of attempted murder. Police are now looking for him. Meantime, the dogs were taken to animal control.

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