Hershey's store on Magnificent Mile robbed

CHICAGO The store was closed when the robbery occurred, but there were employees inside.

Many people consider the Magnificent Mile to be one of the safest areas in Chicago. So, when a business like the Hershey store gets robbed, it is very unusual.

However, authorities say the burglars knew what they were doing because they made off with several thousand dollars in cash.

The burglary happened at approximately 10:45 p.m. Thursday, approximately 45 minutes after the store closed. Police say two men armed with handguns entered the store, but authorities have not released more details about exactly how the robbery unfolded.

Police say they will examine video from security cameras around the building as they continue their investigation.

Late Friday morning, the store remained closed, but it was expected to reopen later in the day.

The Hershey store is a popular destination for tourists. Some said they felt the area around the store was still a safe place to shop.

"When you're a tourist, you don't want to hear about armed robberies, but we felt very safe. We did not see anybody or hear anything. So, we felt fine," said Debbie Kent.

"How does someone walk around and decide to rob a chocolate store?" tourist Ron Shnowske said.

The spokesman for the Hershey store deferred questions to the Chicago Police Department. Police have not made any arrests.

No one was injured during the robbery, and for all the chocolate lovers, no candy was taken. One clever tourist from Boston said he was glad 'there were no stolen kisses.'

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