Thousands of guns turned in across city

At 25 locations, people are turned in their guns, no questions asked, in exchange for $100 pre-paid credit cards.

More than 4,500 guns have been collected, including 90 assault weapons.

Collecting guns is a start, but the mother of one gun-violence victim says teens can go a step further to put a stop to violence.

"Start snitching. Start telling before it's too late and your mother is standing up here like I am full of pain with no hopes and dreams. It could be your mother up here burying you the next day," said Anette Holt, mother of Blair Holt, a Chicago teen who was gunned down.

The gun turn-in was so popular that some locations ran out of the pre-paid credit cards. Rain checks were expected to be issued.

For a complete list of locations where you can turn in guns, click here.

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