Lollapalooza fans bear heat, crowds

CHICAGO, Ill. A big reason for Friday's sellout is that Radiohead, one of the world's biggest bands, will be performing on Friday night. Other big headliners, including Nine Inch Nails and Kanye West, will play later in the weekend. About 120 acts will perform on eight different stages during the three-day music festival. There is something for everyone including acts just for kids.

The festival signed a five-year contract with the city of Chicago expected to generate $5 million for the city, or $1 million a year. All the money will go to the Chicago Park Districts.

The fans are concentrating on the music while festival organizers are doing their best to help keep everyone cool.

With temperatures deep into the 80s this weekend, the heat is a serious factor when dealing with such big crowds. Festival organizers have worked with the city to help keep people cool. Watering stations are set up throughout Grant Park. Giant cooling tents are available and there are four air-conditioned buses.

Since coming to Chicago, the festival has raised more than $2 million for the city. The money goes to the Chicago Park District to improve city parks and to start new programs for families and kids.

"Lollapalooza has generated over $2.3 million for Chicago's parks. Donated to Parkway Foundation, we invest those monies into everything from Buckingham Fountain here in the middle of Grant Park to neighborhood projects, garden programs, the idea being every festival goer should be proud because being at Lollapalooza means you're investing back into the parks," said Brenda Palm, Executive Director, Parkway Foundation.

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