Let it Grow: Trimming Moustaches and Beards

He will be traveling to Chicago and 13 other cities across the nation demonstrating trend-setting facial and hair styles for men. He will also be offering free facial hair trims. Fifty-five million American men sport some style of facial hair: moustache, beard or goatee.

Wahl, which is sponsoring the fund-raising tour, makes men's hair grooming tools (clippers, shears etc.) and grooming products. The company is located in Sterling, Ill., near DeKalb

Ben's 38 foot long mobile barber shop will stop at North Avenue Beach next weekend. The van serves as a mobile facial hair trimming station with barber stations and expert trimming stylists who give free trims, trimming tips and style trends.

Bring your razors, scissors, or out-of-date trimmers - and for each item that Wahl collects, the company will donate $10 to YMCA, a non-profit organization that supports strong children, strong families and strong communities.

Ben will also be searching for the Wahl Men of the Year. He'll be looking for the best beard, mustache, and goatee. Winners of the national competition have a chance to win a 42" HDTV! For more information, visit www.wahlnation.com.

Top Trimming Tips: Key to a Well-Groomed Look Is Using the Proper Techniques and the Right Tools

Mustaches, beards, goatees and other forms of facial hair continue to grow in popularity, but what's the point in growing them if you don't know the proper techniques for maintaining them? WAHL® offers a variety of trimmers for facial and total body grooming. Read on for facial and body hair grooming tools and tips you can use.

Mustache: Face It! Mustache Maintenance Basics

  • Before you trim your mustache, first comb it straight down using a narrow tooth comb.
  • Use a trimmer like Wahl's Mustache Trimmer to shape your mustache.
  • Experiment with different styles to see which shape best suits you and the shape of your face.
  • Remember that some styles do not require trimming the top of the mustache. In this case, only trim the bottom above the top lip.
  • When trimming with a snap-on length guide comb, work from the inside out in a downward motion.
  • To trim the length freehand, trim hairs using an upward motion applying slow and light pressure.
  • Remember that too much pressure may trim off more hair than desired.
  • After achieving desired length, use either the taper guide comb or freehand in an upward motion from the lip out to taper the mustache.
  • The style you choose dictates the desired length of time between trims.

Goatee: Tips for the Goatee Man in All of Us!

  • Always comb out your goatee before trimming with a narrow tooth comb.
  • Start by shaping your goatee.
  • Rectangular shapes are the trend, but if a rounded look is what you want, it's your choice.
  • Experiment with shapes to find what looks best to you with your facial features.
  • Thickness can be managed with either a snap on length guide comb or an adjustable length guide comb. If you have a longer goatee, trim in the direction of the hair growth. For a shorter length goatee, the hair can be trimmed either with or against the hair growth.
  • WAHL offers the only integrated detail blade on its Goatee Trimmer, making difficult styles a snap. Use the detail blade to get into tight spaces and for intricate angles.
  • Complete any look by cleaning up around your lips.
  • For best results, trim your goatee every second or third day.

Beard: Go Bold with Your Beard!

  • Before you trim your beard, comb your hair in the direction it grows so the hairs are at their maximum height and facing in the same direction, making it easier for you to trim.
  • Use the Beard Trimmer by WAHL to outline the shape of the beard you desire.
  • Determine how much hair you want to cut, and using either the adjustable hair length guide comb or an individual length guide comb, trim your beard.
  • For longer beards, trim in the direction of the hair growth to avoid a patchy appearance caused by uneven density. For shorter styles and rugged stubble, trim either against or with the direction of beard growth, whichever you prefer.
  • Under your chin, follow the contours of your face and jawbone line, work toward your ear and upper beard line using an upward motion. Use a slightly shorter length underneath the jaw line as hair tends to grow thicker there than on your cheeks and chin.
  • For above the jaw line, start near the ear on one side and trim down to the chin. Repeat on the other side.
  • Complete any look by cleaning up around your lips.

Ear, Nose and Eyebrows: Trim 'em up!

  • Be sure to use the right tool for getting the job done when it comes to the sensitive facial areas.
  • Use a personal trimmer, such as the WAHL Ear/Nose Trimmer, for eyebrows, nose and ears.
  • Try to instill trimming your ears, nose and eyebrows into your everyday routine.

Body: The Body and Beyond

Hair maintenance beyond facial hair is also important. The WAHL Body Trimmer will help to keep your hair under control.

Wahl Trimmer Facts on Men's Grooming 2008
Why facial hair is here to stay

  • 65% of men under the age of 55 sport facial hair at some point during the year
  • 59% of men sported some sort of facial hair for more than one month in the last year
  • 35% of men sport facial hair year round
  • Of men under the age of 55, a goatee has become the most popular facial hair to sport with 19.7 million; 18.9 million mustaches and more than 16.4 million sport beard and stubble

The Body and Beyond

  • 43% of men under 55 and 50% of men 18-30 groom below the neck
  • Top two reasons men sport facial hair are "It looks cool" and "It is easier than shaving everyday"
  • 43% of men under the age of 55 have trimmed the hair in their private area within the last six months
  • 90% of men who trim their privates say they have not done any competitive running or swimming in the last year, but 77% of men who trim their legs have competed
  • Men with facial hair are two times more likely to lead an active lifestyle and participate in sports
  • Men who lift weights are more likely to manscape, in fact 61% trim their privates

For the Ladies

  • 67% of men purchase their own trimmers and 18% receive trimmers as gifts from a wife or girlfriend
  • The number one description of men with facial hair is that women think of their look as sexy or rugged
  • The number one description of men without facial hair is that women think of their look as non-descript

Let it Grow
Free trims
9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Friday through Sunday
North Avenue Beach

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