Large family values home-schooling

Learning and studying is an almost everyday event within the walls of their own home. All 10 of the Anthony Family children are or have been home-schooled. And they say they wouldn't have it any other way.

It's back to school time for many young people but not for the members of the Anthony Family in southeast suburban Hopkins Park. They study year round. Sixteen-year-old twins Louvina and Marius tutor their twin siblings six-year-old Mari and Loushanti because they are being home-schooled.

"I think it's better for me to be home-schooled than in a regular school especially starting off when I was little," said Louvina.

"I think everybody should start out being home-schooled when they're little because you don't see everybody acting the same way if that way is not the way the parents want the person to act," said Marius.

Fifteen years ago, dissatisfied with pre-school for her two oldest sons, Louise Anthony and her husband elected home-schooling for their family which now numbers 10. "What we've done with the older four, they've taken the test which they give at the local community college in reading, writing and math to see how they score. And they either score at their level or a little above their level," said Louise.

The Anthonys maintain a garden in back of their home where the lessons they learn become part of their education. The dinner table is well supplied with the beans and corn and other vegetables produced there.

"I don't pick up a lot of bad vibes from kids who don't behave adequately. Being home-schooled, I'm not corrupted so much by that," said Marcial.

All the kids play at least two instruments. When not at home, they're winning martial arts trophies.

Rounding out the family are Louisa, 9, Markius,11, Louiya, 2, and husband, Mark, who is in the army. Oldest son Marcus is in college.

"They are well-rounded and may not be excellent in any one thing but they're very well rounded," said Louise.

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