4 shot in Chicago attempted robbery

CHICAGO Police say it all started with an attempted robbery. But then the store's owner pulled out a gun of his own.

The shootout happened in the Marquette Park neighborhood at 3143 West 63rd Street.

When face to face with armed robbers, police say Sergio Vazquez - the owner of Sergio Jewelers - had a shootout with the suspects inside his store. Vazquez' son arrived a short time later. He wasn't in the store but his mother was with her husband when the shooting happened. Manuel Vazquez said he believes his dad did shoot.

Police say that gunfire injured 29-year-old store employee Jesus Onofre and two suspects.

"He said he was an innocent person, but when the police found out he was a suspect, and they had him in custody," said Demetrius Huff, witness.

And witnesses say another man was shot in the face while sitting in a car in front of the store. He yelled for help.

"I asked him what happened, and he says, "I just got shot. Call 911, call 911.' I said, 'Listen, man, you're bleeding too much, just go to Holy Cross. There's one nearby over here.' And that's what he decided to do anyway," said Edward Pina, witness.

Police say they recovered three guns and jewelry, which was on some of the suspects. Customers say Vazquez was always conscious about his store's safety.

"The only way you could get in is if he buzzed you in. If you pull on the door, he's not going to let you into his store," said Yvette Mason, store customer.

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