Volunteer donates a day/week for 30 years

HINSDALE, Ill. She's part of a group of volunteers who bring cheer and comfort to patients at a suburban hospital --and she's quite an inspiration for those around her.

Once each week, they get together to provide a dose of cheer for the patients in the pediatric section of Adventist Hinsdale Hospital. They're volunteers who use their sewing skills to create cuddly pillows for kids. Ninety-five year old Kathryn Brackett has volunteered with the group for 30 years.

"Well, we hope the children enjoy them and we know they do...some of them will come back and tell us that...some write notes," said Kathryn Brackett.

Brackett drives to Hinsdale from Burr Ridge once a week. She and six other volunteers sew in the lower level of the hospital.

" I love the fellowship...We just have great gals that we work with," said Jennie Herlien, volunteer. "She's a great person to work with...very much so."

The volunteers are keeping alive a 40 year tradition at the hospital.

" When you think about that somebody has consistently made a donation time after time for 30 years...that's an incredible inspiration," said Sher Fox, director of volunteer services.

Fellow volunteer Jean Finnegan also considers Brackett an inspiration.

"She always was. She's a dear lady and she has a lot of stories. She has traveled all over the world and brings back stories from every where," said Jean Finnegan, volunteer.

The mother of three, grandmother of five and great grand mother of seven, she and her husband will celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary on October 15th.

"Well I hope I'm contributing to somebody's happiness...I don't know we just enjoy it ...all of us do," said Brackett.

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