NIU students move in, move on

DEKALB, Ill. Five NIU students were killed at Cole Hall on the DeKalb, Ill., campus in February 2008 by a lone gunman. The school has put new security measures into place since the shooting.

"I'm just kind of nervous. I don't know," said Eileen Neuffer, freshman. It's a sentiment that resonates across the DeKalb campus.

"A little nervous," said Kwamaie Williams, who has his whole family on hand to help the freshman move in. The Dunbar High School grad is getting help from his mom, aunt, great-aunt, sister, cousin and niece.

"Where we come from not many children get to this point so a big deal in our family," said April Davis, Williams' aunt.

Williams finally got into the dorm, but had a long wait for the elevator, where he found his tiny dorm room. He said he'll get used to it.

"Have no choice," said Williams.

This is the first crop of freshman to come to NIU since a gunman went on a shooting spree last winter.

"I feel like it was a random event that could have happened anywhere," said Maura Neuffer, freshman's mother.

"I assume this will make the security a lot better," said Eileen Neuffer, freshman.

The university has added more police and dorm security. As well as training for its staff.

"As we speak right now, we are running training sessions for faculty and staff on how you identify and deal with students who may display emotional issues," said John Peters, NIU president

Despite the campus massacre, the university said enrollment is up for the 2008-2009 school year.

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