Chicago family starts off school year

CHICAGO Bright and early Christina Espinosa and her four children headed out the front door.

With new book bags, new uniforms and new shoes, the Espinosa family was ready to start the new school year.

First, Christina walked 9-year-old Esteban to his bus stop. He's about to start the 4th grade at Skinner School.

Esteban's favorite subject is reading. But he's excited because he heard one of his teachers will be Mr. Cox.

"He's really good in the mathematics section. He does games against the upper grades," said Esteban.

Even so, Esteban has a good reason to like the first day of school.

"There's not too much homework," said Esteban.

The school bus was on time on the first day. As Esteban's father and mother saw him off, it was reassuring as the bus driver looked at his list, checking it twice. He tried to get to know the students who will be regulars on his bus.

Next, Christina walked to Walsh School where Esteban's sister Isabella, 3, attends pre-school. And twin sisters, Angelique and Salma, 5, head to their first day of kindergarten.

The first moments and those that followed are the reason Christina Espinosa did not take part in the first day boycott.

"I understand the funding. That's also important. I just believe I need to get to know their teachers. It's important for me to get to know them really well and to establish a relationship from the very beginning...that it's important to be involved with them. If you're not involved, the kids kind of lose out. And I don't want them to lose out on their first day," said Espinosa.

Mrs. Espinosa also pointed out that in today's economy, they had to budget carefully all summer to make sure their children had the clothing and supplies they needed to start school on time.

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