Columbia student wins Light House for the Blind scholarship

CHICAGO "The Japanese animation really sparked by interest in animation and made me want to become an animator," said Brittany Massey, animations student.

As a 10 years old, Massey, who was born legally blind, taught herself how to draw by creating mini comic strips. It was her way of coping with adversity. Massey cannot recognize colors.

" I think she's been a fantastic student ....I am proud to have had her as a student," said Lichty, professor of interactive arts.

Massey's achievements in animation impressed the folks at the Light House For The Blind and they gave her a $5,000 scholarship.

"For someone who is legally blind like Brittany that's like a difficult field to do...but Brittany kind of approached it with good humor and confidence and a passion for what she's doing which made her stand out among the other applicants," said Kelsey Thompson, Lighthouse for the Blind.

Massey competed with 68 others from 16 states for the scholarship.

"She has the imagination to know that a limitation is not a barrier to completing this kind of study I think its fantastic...I think it speaks very well for Columbia College," said Alton Miller, associate dean, school of media arts.

"I'm very proud of myself how far I've come. At first I didn't think that I could do it because of my vision but I practiced and I've tried hard and I realize I can do it just takes a little bit more work," said Massey.

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