Chicagoans react to McCain speech

CHICAGO Several parties were held to celebrate McCain's nomination and hear his vision for the country.

"I think he's taken the momentum to the next level already, and it's only been a few minutes. He's putting out a case that he's going to go to Washington and reform and his campaign is the actual campaign of change," said Jeremy Rose, Chicago Young Republicans.

"He's doing a great job. The ball is definitely getting out. I think it's going to go over the wall. It's going to be a home run. He's classy. He's a leader. He's optimistic. He's the next president of the United States," said Tim Rash, Ill. Young Republicans for McCain.

That was the sentiment in Wrigleyville Thursday night. Members of Chicago Young Republicans and Illinois Young Professionals for McCain were energized. The Republicans, along with a few frustrated Democrats who supported Hillary Clinton, were ecstatic after hearing McCain speak to the nation.

"I think Senator McCain has done a fantastic job. Talking about awful us putting aside our partisan differences and working together for the country," said Kevin DuJan, DeMcCrats for McCain.

"I like that he's sticking to Republican values. I have been a Republican my entire lifel born and raised in the south. I'm happy to see that he's trying to bring change and bringing in the younger generation," said Kelli Burke, McCain supporter.

And even though Chicago is Obama's home turf, hundreds of Republicans gathered across the city and throughout the suburbs. In Crystal Lake, Republicans set up TVs and a giant screen inside their McHenry County headquarters. More than 80 people attended the event eager to hear McCain's message.

"John McCain is the down-to-earth guy," said Mary Donner, McCain supporter. "The commonsense man, the person who's going to go in and take care of the situation that needs to be taken care of."

Back in Chicago, just around the corner in Wrigleyville, young Democrats tuned in at a local bar and restaurant. Members of Young Chicago Lakefront called it the "Anti-Convention Party" and were quick to critique McCain's speech.

"So far he's not selling it. He's not going to convince me," said Narci Martinez, Democrat and Obama supporter.

"Last night and tonight they were full of attacks on Obama. They should be talking about how they're going to bring the country together," said Romy DeCristofaro, Democrat and Obama supporter.

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