Military: How to get an absentee ballot

CHICAGO Cook County Clerk David Orr and Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn are encouraging military service personnel to register for their absentee ballot sooner than later.

The deadlines:

  • NOW: Federal Postcard Application, available at, includes voter registration and absentee ballot request.
  • Sept. 20: Recommended mail-by date for completed application
  • Oct. 25: Deadline for election authority to receive application
  • Nov. 3: Voted ballots must be postmarked by this date.
  • Where to mail the completed applications:

    • Suburban Cook Co residents:

    • Clerk's Office

      69 West Washingotn, Suite 500

      Chicago, IL 60602

    • Chicago Residents:

    • Chicago Board of Elections

      69 West Washington, Suite 600

      Chicago, IL 60602

    Residents of other jurisdictions can contact their local election authorities or visit

    It is also recommended that in addition to mailing the completed application, service members should fax (312) 603-9784 or email ( to begin the process.

    Ballots will be sent- via snail mail, fax or email- when the completed application is received in the mail. Voted ballots must be sent back to the election authority via snail mail. Discounted, expedited shipping is available for military voters via

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