Ohio boy fights for right to wear make-up to school

September 25, 2008 9:17:15 AM PDT
An eighth grade boy from Hamilton, Ohio, is fighting a school ban over wearing makeup to class.Thirteen-year-old Matt Allsup wears black eye makeup, lipstick and fingernail polish. Matt's mom supports her son's choice. They point out that every student at Matt's school is required to wear a character badge pledging to value uniqueness in others.

But school administrators say Matt's makeup is against dress code and a distraction.

"None of my classmates found it distracting or anything and it's not extreme. I don't see why I can't wear it," said Matt Allsup, wears makeup.

"He's being sexually discriminated against. Nowhere in the rules does it say that males can't wear make-up," said Mindy Ball, Matt's mother.

Matt and his mother plan to hire an attorney to take the issue to court.