Stress-free Homemaking, Rump Roast recipes

Tip#1 Make 3 dinners at once!

Laura shows busy parents how to turn one large rump roast into three separate meals for your family. Pot roast, Beef Stroganoff and Hot beef Sandwiches. Save gas and time when it comes to grocery shopping go to for the best prices. All coupons and sale ads free.


Kitchen a Catastrophe? -- After cooking and serving dinner, Laura shows you stress-free cleaning tips. How to never clean the bottom of your oven again, clean your garbage disposal hands free, fast cleaning of pots and pans, and quick cleaning for all types of floors.


Tired of forgetting the parent meetings? -- Laura give you tips on how to organize your families schedule, check email on the fly, check for the cheapest gas on the way home and navigate to your child's next soccer game without getting lost!


Turn one mt into three separate dinners-- From Laura Dellutri's book "The Overworked Mom's Stress Free Home Keeping"


7-9 lb rump roast

1-2pk Lipton french onion dry soup mix

2 onions

2 cups diced celery

1 large jar giardenia mix---

1 pkg egg noodles

2 pkg beef stroganoff seasoning packet (check directions on back for additional ingredients may require sour cream)

2 cans mushrooms or 1 tub fresh mushrooms

2 bags frozen stew vegetables

6-8 slices favorite cheese for hot beef sandwiches

Prepare 7-9 lb rump roast in the slo-cooker until tender. Add two cups water and 2 packs of Lipton onion soup mix dry. Cook 6 hours on medium until tender. Cool. Cut meat in 3 sections. Pour Juice in bowl reserve for recipes below. I love the Crock Pot Smart Pot slow cooker. It is so reliable and automatically shifts to warm so you don't end up with overcooked meals!

Section 1---- Meal #1 Pot Roast w/vegetables -- Put beef pot roast 1/3 section with 1/3 juices add frozen bag of stew vegetables. Cook in crock pot on med until vegetables are cooked. leftovers can be turned into beef stew by adding 3 cups milk with flour paste ( 2 tblsp flour mixed with 1/8 C hot water or cornstarch to thicken) and season with beef bullion or a little au jus sauce--add milk accordingly if you like thicker stew or soupier)

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