Slipping Sox desperate for a win

CHICAGO It was brutal Thursday night for Sox fans watching the Twins come back from a 6-1 deficit. But the Sox are not out of the race. But they can't afford another loss.

Sox fans arrived early at the Cell Friday afternoon, firing up the grill, playing a little cornhole and, of course, having a few drinks. These are the diehard fans who believe the Sox are going to find a way to pull this off.

Friday night's game is almost sold out, but the Sox may need help from Kansas City -- hopefully they can take a game or two from the Twins this weekend. Fans, though, are optimistic.

"Well, they win tonight, they're back in first. If Minnesota loses and then we have to hope for them to keep losing. Maybe they hit their bad time now," said Dolly Andrews, White Sox fan.

"I think they could sweep the Indians, and then the Twins lose at least two games," said Matthew Evans, White Sox fan.

"We need to sweep five games, I think. That's probably what it's going to come down to. Because, I think, Minnesota will probably take care of the Royals up in Minnesota. But if we take care of five games here, I think it can be done," said Joe Montgomery, White Sox fan.

There are a lot of ways it can still happen. But the easiest way to think of it, after this weekend's games, if the Sox and Twins are still a half game apart, then the Sox will play a makeup game against the Tigers. After that game, if the Sox are still tied with the Twins, then the Sox will play the Twins in a one-game playoff. So it's possible that the Sox could play another five games.

By the way, the last time the Sox won five straight was August 16 to August 20. They may have to do that again.

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