Sox fans hang on to playoff hopes

CHICAGO Monday's game would be the last for the Sox, should they lose. If they win, they'll get a chance to take on the Twins for the last spot in the post-season.

Game 162 is no ordinary one. And with the rain, the dreams got dampened- but not rained out.

"No one thought in 2005 they were going to go all the way and win the worlds. You never know," said Cortnee Snell, Sox fan.

As long as we win today, tomorrow, Thursday the playoffs start. We've got to keep it going," said Kevin Graves, Sox fan.

Some Sox fans admit there are doubts.

"A little bit, yeah. There's some skepticism. I mean, come on. At this point you should be closing strong and going into the playoffs with momentum. There are some question marks," said Dave Stark, Sox Fan.

As fans pause for photo opportunities with umbrellas beneath the monument, most realize one of the heroes of 2005 is pitching for the other guys-- Big Game Freddy Garcia.

"Bring Freddy back," said Adam Bukowski, Sox Fan.

The Tigers had to get on a plane, fly to Chicago and play in the rain. How happy can they be?

For a couple million? I'd do it," said Cindy Pavesich, Sox Fan.

"I think the veterans are going to pull through," said John Urbaniec, Sox Fan.

But, if they don't?

"Then they're golfing tomorrow," said Urbaniec.

The game was delayed three hours due to the weather.

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