Sox fans pumped for playoffs

CHICAGO Ramon Castillo was drawn back to the Cell Wednesday - just to walk around and suck it in - and relive what he witnessed inside the ballpark Tuesday night. The Sox won a one-game playoff against the visiting Twins

"This is one game you'll never forget. I've been to so many games, but this one for sure was one of the best," said Castillo.

Few who watched in person, or on TV, would disagree.

"Unbelievable. I still have ringing in my ears. Honest to God. I still have ringing in my ears. My ears were burning," said Rosemary Smith, who was at the Tuesday night Sox game.

There was tension and electricity as the entire ballpark filled with fans wearing black. Sox play-by-play announcer Ed Farmer said it looked like a convention of priests at the Vatican.

"It was honestly a great piece of marketing. Whoever got paid for that earned his paycheck for that. Everyone there in black. The blackout. It was a thing of beauty," said Jevon Love, Sox fan.

And then came Thome's thing of beauty.

"The crowd went nuts. Everybody was hugging each other. Men were kissing guys," said Dean Koclanis, who was at last night's game.

Some Sox fans got a little teary eyed.

"Oh I did, I was jumping - back to back clapping. I was tearing," said Castillo.

"This is what it's all about - October baseball, and I'm so happy for our Sox fans. They're great," said Jim Thome, game-winning homer.

The fans stayed late Tuesday night. On Wednesday, just west of the ballpark at Grandstand Souvenirs, the line had already formed before noon with fans looking to stock up on Sox gear. Division championship hats didn't last long last night. The store has rushed an order for more.

"The hats were gone in what seemed like the blink of an eye," said Josh Ganal, Grandstand.

Sox fan Castillo's got plenty of jerseys, and remains outfitted in black - savoring a piece of baseball history.

"You ever watch that movie Major League? At the end? It's a movie and a dream come true," said Castillo.

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