Sox bar continues to fight eviction

CHICAGO The Illinois Court of Appeals upheld the eviction order of Jimbo's Thursday. The tavern has been a longtime favorite for many fans.

It is a neighborhood stalwart of a bar since 1984, in the shadow of U.S. Cellular Field just a few hundred yards away.

The court denied a request by the owners of the bar at 33rd and Princeton to have an eviction notice by their landlords thrown out. Those landlords are Ray and Donna Degrazia, of Bridgeport.

The battle has been going on for a couple of years. Reports over those two years say that the struggle really centers around the issue of the Degrazias wanting to put up their own bar in that very well-known spot. They reportedly have clout in the form of connections to Tom Allen of the 3rd Ward and officials close to Chicago Mayor Richard Daley such as businessman Fred Barbara.

"They have plenty of receipts to prove it," said Will Suchel, Jimbo's patron.

The owners of Jimbo's say through their lawyer that they will carry on by appealing the court of appeals' ruling to the Illinois State Supreme Court. The Illinois State Supreme Court will have to decide whether they're actually going to hear the case.

In the meantime, Jimbo's is going to be staying open, at least until the end of the playoff season for the Chicago White Sox.

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