Disappointed Cubs fans baffled by loss

CHICAGO Fans were stunned after the Cubs loss to the Dodgers, and they were speaking out Sunday about the team's elimination from the playoffs. How could a team with the best record in the National League lose three games in a row and get knocked out? That was the question fans started asking when the Dodgers started celebrating.

"I thought it was pathetic. I'm sorry," said Cubs fan Phil Cowan.

"They just choked. They're cursed. They're cursed," fan Clayton Jirak said.

"They played so poorly in the playoffs. You just shrug your shoulders and say, 'What happened?'" said Jeffrey Bennett.

"This year, we really thought, 'It's been a hundred years. [They've got the] best record.' You get your hopes up, and it just didn't happen," fan Maureen Davy said.

The morning after the loss, fans from Chicago and even other states stopped by Wrigley Field to take pictures, to get one last look at the ballpark, and to remember the year that was. Feelings about the Cubs ranged from hope to acceptance to complete devastation.

"I don't think there's ever going to be a World Series Cubs winning. It's very, very disappointing," said Cubs fan Chela Huss, who was almost in tears. "My heart was broken."

"I'm still looking forward to next year. I'm still a Cubs fan regardless if they lose or win," David Rodriguez said.

"It's a tough day for us Cubs fans, but we waited a hundred years. So, what's one more?" said Cubs fan Kay Meksto.

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