Evanston officer injured in shooting

Suspect in stable condition
EVANSTON, Ill. Police were called to an apartment building in the 1500-block of Pinter in south Evanston Wednesday morning just before 9. According to authorities, officers were involved in gun play at the apartment with Reggie Henley, 30. An officer, who has not been identified, was struck by a bullet in the arm. Police call it a minor injury and said he is expected to be OK. It was his third day on the job.

"He was a new recruit, as a matter of fact, so he kind of got baptized by a very unfortunate circumstance. He's only been on the street three days," said Commander Tom Guenther, Evanston Police

Henley, who also goes by Capone, is in stable condition after surgery at St. Francis Hospital. Medical officials confirm he suffered bullet wounds in the neck, chest and abdomen.

"You come check it out but why would you need your guns out. Why would something so early in the morning lead to somebody getting shot three times?" said Kendra Boid, Henley's cousin.

According to his family, Henley was preparing to move out of the apartment he shared with the mother of three of his children on Wednesday morning. Police say the alleged abuse occurred overnight, but the victim was not home when officials arrived at the apartment.

Henley's current girlfriend, with whom he has a 4-month-old, said her man does not lead a complicated life.

"I mean, he's a normal person live everybody else. We all go through things and deal with different issues. But, no, I would not say his life was complicated," said Joy Bledsoe, Henley's girlfriend.

The incident is being investigated by Illinois State Police's public integrity task force.

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