Gallery showing art 'Made in Pilsen'

CHICAGO Prospectus Art Gallery, located in the Pilsen community, celebrates Chicago Artists Month with a comprehensive exhibition called "Made in Pilsen" featuring artists based in this historic neighborhood.

Monserrat Alsina works with crayons, heat, stone and ink to create her art.

"You have to do different types of crayons to put them on the stone and then you use different acids and quantity of acids to put it on each part of the stone," said Alsina, Pilsen artist.

Israel Hernandez, a produce worker by day, opened Prospectus Art Gallery in 1991 to showcase Latino artists.

"I want to make a change in our community, a positive change, so young people can see another alternative," said Hernandez.

There will be hundreds of people coming this weekend on Saturday and Sunday to visit Pilsen's open studios, to visit all the artists' galleries and studios.

For close to 30 years, Eufemio Pulido has been creating geometric and abstract figures on oil canvas. Pulido works as a machinist by day in order to devote time to his art.

"The art is my life. It's not my hobby or pastime. It's my real life," said Pulido, Pilsen artist.

Colors play an important role in his work. He does not like to blend colors and lines. This work displayed at the Prospectus Gallery shows two faces trying to get out of a box.

Pilsen Open Studios is an artist run art walk that takes place this Saturday and Sunday starting at noon. Over 30 spaces with 60 artists will open their studios to the public.

There will be buses to take you from place to place and you can get maps to the studios from local cafes.

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