Three jump out window to escape intruder

CHICAGO On Monday around 11:30 p.m., an intruder snuck in the apartment building by following a man who lived there up the front staircase. The intruder managed to get into the second-floor unit where three people live. He was wearing a mask and had gun.

Police say he duct taped the three people -- a mother, her boyfriend and her young daughter -- then started searching the apartment. During that time the mother and her daughter were able to break free. They jumped out of the second-story window, landing face first in the alley below.

"When I went out and looked, I saw a girl hanging out of the window and then I could hear someone screaming around the corner, "Baby don't die on my." The little girl and the woman were on the ground," said AJ, neighbor.

"I just saw the lady and the baby out there on the ground and the police out here. Man, it didn't make any sense. What happened? I thought there was a fire. They jumped out the window but I didn't see any fire," said Charmaine Hampton, neighbor.

The man who lived in the apartment was also able to escape by jumping out of the window. He was not injured.

The mother and daughter were rushed to the hospital. They are expected to recover from their injuries.

Neighbors say they have been concerned about security in the building for a long time.

Erica Phillips says she is ready to move -- especially after what happened Monday night.

"Today I need to speak to someone so I can get myself and my two daughters out of this building, cause it's not safe, my heart goes out to that family, but it could happen to anybody," said Erica Phillips, neighbor.

Police say the intruder left the apartment without taking anything or firing his gun. So far, he has not been caught

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