Design Basics on a Budget

Many homeowners are interested in improving the look of their living space, especially in this real estate market. In a recent survey 8 out of 10 homeowners claim their plan is to "stay put" with many indicating they plan to make improvements to make their current home more livable Whether you're in search of creative design ideas or in need of tips for making your home more marketable, don't think you need a blockbuster-sized budget to make a big impact, says HGTV's Carey Evans, professional designer and star of "My First Place," "FreeStyle," and "Don't Sweat It."

Foundation is Key to Home Beautification

  • It's essential that you start any design project with the freshest canvas possible. Before tackling design elements like fabrics and paint, take a good look around and address the cracking or moldy caulk around sinks or tubs and any unsightly cracks or gaps around the moldings and baseboards.
  • You don't want anything to detract from your home's overall beauty and design.
  • Ensure these gaps and cracks are neatly sealed
  • Carey's pick to tackle a once arduous task: GE Caulk Singles

  • - Caulking is as easy as tear, squeeze, and toss.
    - You don't need a caulk gun. These packages dispense the caulk effortlessly with one hand, and help create an even, neat bead. No tools required!
    - An effortless, quick and inexpensive fix for any room at just about $3.50 a pack.

Find Design Inspiration in Your Surroundings!

  • For many homeowners, just getting started in a room is the greatest challenge. Finding your inspiration need not be an overwhelming or soul searching experience but it is essential to keeping costs down and budgets focused.
  • I tell my clients to stay true to their own personal tastes and style to ensure the final design is one they'll love for the long-term.
  • Seek out inspiration in the things that you love and surround yourself with each day. You'll be surprised to see what will inspire a fantastic design.
  • Examples of some inspiration Carey's used for my clients' designs include:
  • - Gift bag, man's necktie, piece of jewelry, postcards, scarf or fabric swatch

Select Colors that Compliment!

  • Paint is the most affordable and best DIY impact in any space but I often hear from clients that color selection is a challenge. My advice? "Let your inspiration piece guide you!"
  • On your own or with the help of your local paint store, pull paint colors from your inspiration piece. Use Paint swatches or palette cards

Accenting with your taste can make a big impact!

  • Most homeowners think purchasing all new furniture has to be a part of design but a more cost effective solution is rethinking and reusing the furniture you already own to get a fresh flow.
  • For a new look, homeowners should instead invest in accessories that compliment their own lifestyles and taste. Whether it be travel, the great outdoors, or the movies, accessories dress a room, give it a distinct and memorable theme, and are easily changed as trends and the homeowner's mood changes

Have Fun! Just have a good foundation place first!

  • Just remember, a good foundation is key. Always start there and then move onto decorating.

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About Carey Evans

Currently staring in three HGTV shows including "My First Place," "FreeStyle," and "Don't Sweat it With Steve Watson," Carey Evans is a New York City based designer whose creative problem solving approach to design has awarded her a national following of fans and clients. Evans has been able to use her wide experience in unexpected ways. From turning a family heirloom into something useful to tearing down a wall, Carey is quite the handy 'woman' to always have around.

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