Kids celebrate Halloween all over Chicago

It's October 31, Halloween, and trick or treaters are out in full force.

There was a parade of costumes outside Haines Elementary School. Perhaps, it's a preview of Friday night's trick or treating.

Superheros continue to be popular. Nothing political

But inside, each classroom has to elect two representatives in the school's costume contest.

In Ms. Reynolds kindergarten class it's hard to choose. The ninja is fierce. Little Red Riding Hood already took care of the Big Bad Wolf

But the democratic process prevails and the blue power ranger and the princess are the costumed representatives.

"I like it because this time I get to be spooky instead of pretty," said Karolyn Wong, fourth grader.

It's clear parents and caregivers had a hand in some of the costuming but some of the kids came up with their own ideas.

"Last year I was an Egyptian princess so I decided to be another type of princess this year and I watched the show and liked the outfits," said Tania Giordani, fifth grader.

At Chase Park District, there was a Halloween party for the preschool set. It was a scary story but not too scary.

After all, you wouldn't want to scare the ladybug, the dalmation or the bumble bee. Every bee needs her nectar

"I love it, it's wonderful. I'm a kid at heart so it's always wonderful to be here," said Cessy Kulzak, grandparent.

And what's nice is the weather. It's an absolutely amazing night to be out since you don't have to cover up your costumes. It's a good night to be out trick or treating.

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