Daley: 'Come down' to election rally

CHICAGO The Office of Emergency Management held a press conference Friday discouraging people from coming downtown. Executive Director Ray Orozco said the area around the rally could be shut down if things got too crowded.

Local ministers also attended Friday's press conference and urged people without tickets to stay away, and instead attend events at their churches.

Saturday, Daley said the rally is private, but you don't need a ticket to be in the park.

"They should come if they want. It'll be a historic event. People want to be there. They should come down. Why not?," the mayor said.

Information on whether or not people without tickets will be allowed to congregate will not be available until Monday.

There also has been no word if jumbo television monitors or speaker systems will be set up to allow those people without tickets to be able to see or hear the rally.

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