Last minute surprises on the campaign trail

We're in the final hours of a race that's cost an estimated $2-billion dollars and has lasted nearly two years.

The clock is ticking -- polls show McCain is down. And now a republican political action committee has launched a television spot that tares into Barack Obama's relationship with south side minister, the reverend Jeremiah Wright.

The ad says: "For 20 years Barack Obama followed a preacher of hate and said nothing as Wright raged against America. VIDEO of REV. WRIGHT: "Not God Bless America, God Damn America."

It hit the airwaves this weekend. A national ad, not sanctioned by John McCain, but meant to help his candidacy by resurrecting the most difficult issue Barack Obama faced during the campaign.

Senator McCain has said Reverend Wright shouldn't be a a campaign issue.

On the trail McCain's main focus is stopping the slide of reliably republican states from the red column to blue.

"We need to win Virginia next Tuesday and we can win. And with your help we're going to win," Sen. McCain said.

The McCain campaign got a public endorsement today it probably would have rather gone without.

Vice President Dick Cheney told an audience in Wyoming that John McCain is "the right leader for this moment in history."

"That endorsement didn't come easy. Senator McCain had to vote 90 percent of the time with George Bush and Dick Cheney to get it," Sen. Obama said.

Obama's biggest battle in the remaining 72-hours will be to ensure his supporters don't assume victory is there's and stay home from the polls.

The Obama campaign hit a pothole on the campaign trail this weekend when it was revealed the Senator's aunt, who is from Kenya, lives in this country illegally.

A campaign spokesperson released a statement saying Obama "has no knowledge of her status but obviously believes that any and all appropriate laws be followed."

For her part, Sarah Palin stumbled into a trap laid by some well-known Canadian radio pranksters.

One posed as French President Nicholas Sarkozy... and proceeded to make-up the names of world leaders.

For 6 minutes, Palin stayed on the phone praising the fake french leader, even accepting an invitation to go hunting.

Radio Audio: HOST: "I just love killing those animals, taking away the life is so fun!" I would really like to hunt -- as long as we don't bring Vice President Cheney." PALIN: "Oh, no I'll be a careful shot yes."

In fairness, many world leaders -- including French president Sarkozy -- have been the victims of this particular comedian. A spokesman for Palin said "cest la vie"

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