Political paraphernalia selling big

At the Barnes and Noble on Diversey, the presidential hopefuls have books – some by the candidates, themselves, and others by unknown authors. At Borders on State Street, it's more of the same. They won't say what's selling best, but did say it's a fabulous year for political books.

At Chicago Comics on North Clark Street, which stocks hundreds of thousands of comic books, the latest arrivals include two books featuring John McCain and Barack Obama. For $5, readers can learn about the super hero candidates.

"They're biographical comics. They're serious. You can look at their whole lives," said Eric Kirsammer, owner Chicago Comics. "Yes, they are very serious and educational."

At Chicago Comics, Obama is ahead in sales 3-to-1. The store also sell T-shirts. Right now, the hottest one is proof that Oprah is no longer the only super "O" in Chicago.

At 7-Elevens across the country, it's 7-Election 08. If you take a blue cup you're for Obama; a red cup puts you in the McCain camp. At the Wabash and Wacker 7-11 and elsewhere Obama is very hot.

"So far in this store it's 28% for McCain 72 for Obama… In the city it's thirty eight and sixty two," said Jim Bayci, 7-Eleven Franchisee. "Forty percent for McCain and sixty percent for Obama."

This survey has no grounds for authenticity, but four years ago 7-Eleven's coffee survey was within two points of the final vote.

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