Save $100 This Week

While there's not much we can do to reduce the cost of our fixed expenses like the mortgage, taxes, etc., there's a great deal of miscellaneous savings staring us right in the face. We've ignored them in the past, but now it's do or desperation.

Here are some quick cash fixes that, altogether, could help you save at least $100 a week.

Limit Visits to the ATM. ATM transactions, on average, charge about $3 in fees. Take out cash from ATM machines that belong to your bank to limit fees, or ask for cash back (no fee) when you use your debit card at stores like Whole Foods, Staples and Best Buy. Visit the ATM once a week - perhaps every Sunday afternoon before the work week kicks in - take out as much money you'll need for the next seven days and stick to that cash for your everyday expenses from gas to coffee, lunch and that must-have sweater that's on sale at J.Crew. Sticking to that cash with help you better budget and avoid the ATM during the week.

Savings: At least $3 to $10

Get Rid Of Your Landline. Stick to just your cell phone plan and save at least $25 a month. If you need to make international calls, encourage your overseas friends and family to join you in signing up for, which offers free VOIP (voice-over-internet-protocol) services. Weekly savings: At least $8-$15

Buy Generic Grocery Brands. Buying generic pharmaceuticals and filling your grocery cart with store-brand products instead of upscale labels can help save up to 50% on everyday goods. While the quality may not be identical, it's pretty hard to tell the difference these days with most products. Considering the average two-person household spends $200 a month on groceries, a single person could save a quick $50 just opting for basic brands.

Want to cut another $30 to $50 a month? Reduce your eating out habits in half, since families spend more than 40% of their food budget on dining out, according to Consumer Reports.

Weekly Savings: At least $30

Self-Mani/Pedi. Beauty specialists suggest pampering your hand and toe nails about twice a month. That's at least a $30 visit, more if at a fancy spa. Instead by some white nail polish to give your French manicure tips your own touch-up, or go two weeks without a professional manicure – no one will think less of you. There's a much cheaper home remedy solution involving a nail file ($1) and nail polish ($6).

Weekly Savings: At least $15

Get a Library Card. It's free! From books to DVDs and WiFi, the library is a cheapskate's mecca, making Blockbuster and Netflix look like highway robbers.

Weekly Savings: $5

Pre-Game. The markup in alcohol at a restaurant or bar is easily 100% more than the retail price at the liquor store. Next Saturday night when you plan on going out, have a little cocktail party at your house first which should help limit how much you spend at the bars. Drink responsibly, of course.

Weekly Savings: At least $25

Nix the Gym. A UC Berkeley/Stanford University study found that average gym members visited their fitness clubs just four times a month – or once a week. That's hardly enough times to satisfy a $60 to $100 monthly membership. If you're not using your gym, lose it. Go for a run in the park, instead.

Weekly Savings: At least $15

Farnoosh Torabi is a financial expert and author of You're So Money! Live Rich Even When You're Not. She also reports on TV and appears often on CNN's Issue #1.

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