Farrakhan delivers address about Obama

CHICAGO Farrakhan said he feared his support would hurt Obama's campaign.

At the call to prayer Sunday at Mosque Maryam, Farrakhan praised President-elect Barack Obama.

"President-elect Obama's rise has not only given hope to us, but it has given hope to the world," Farrakhan said.

The fiery, and at times controversial, Farrakhan says he stayed out of politics recently as to not hurt Obama's chance to win the White House.

"The minister wanted to see Barack successful, and the minister decided... I would not say anything. I feel freer today," said Farrakhan.

Another outspoken religious leader in the Chicago area, Fr. Michael Pfleger, said Sunday at St. Sabina church that he also felt more free since the election.

"November 4 has passed, and like Oprah, I'm unleashed. Free at last!" he said.

Pfleger had been a spiritual advisor to Obama, but he drew controversy by mocking Sen. Hillary Clinton during the presidential campaign. Since then, Pfleger steered clear of politics until Sunday.

"Last Tuesday, hope was given new breath. Promise was given new legs," Pfleger said.

Both ministers said that in order for the Obama administration to succeed, the president-elect will need help. So, both Farrakhan and Pfleger called on their congregants to do their parts to bring about positive change.

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