America Recycles Day

(BACKGROUND) It's Our Earth, Inc was started in 2003 by Richard & Xristina Rahn in response to their daughters constantly urging us to recycle. They would follow us around the house and monitor our trash cans to make sure we were throwing our recyclable items in the correct bin. Realizing that this younger generation was making a difference, we were inspired and explored what we could do. After searching for products that were being made from recycled material, we were dismayed to find our choices were limited. This observation is the basis for our philosophy of "Recycling only works when you are making and selling products made from recycled materials". From this point we started researching waste streams -"What was being discarded that could be transformed into something new". This lead to the development of various product lines which has resulted in the creation of recycling programs, education and inspiration, green jobs, and most importantly, choices for Earth Conscious Consumers. In 2005, It's Our Earth opened it's first Retail operation in downtown Wheaton, where it still resides today offering a large selection of Earth Friendly products for the Socially Conscious consumer. It's Our Earth products are also sold to other retailers looking to provide the same Green opportunity to it's customers.

From it's grass roots efforts, It's Our Earth has been a pioneer in the Green Movement, and continues to develop new and innovative products for this market.

The following is a sample of some of the products you will find at It's Our Earth

1) Chip Bowls & Jewelry Recycled Record Albums

This old vinyl is transformed into cool Chip bowls and cut into cool Jewelry Charms which are made into fashionable Jewelry.

2) Woven Purses and Accessories Recycled Candy and Food Wrapper

Using the old Bubble Gum Chain technique, IOE fashions a large selection of purses and accessories out of post consumer and post industrial wrappers and food packaging.

3) Burlap Totes Recycled Coffee Sacks

Using burlap sacks discarded by the coffee roasting industry, IOE fashions large and durable tote bags.

4) Floppy Disk Note Pads Recycled 3.5" floppy disks

Using the 3.5" floppy diskettes, IOE makes functional and fun note pads filled with 100% recycled and acid free paper. A Great Product with no Byte ;-)

5) Neck Tie Skirts, Purses, and Accessories Recycled Neck Ties

Nobody wears ties anymore, so IOE fashions them into Skirts, Purses, and accessories. Note: We are planning on Xris Wearing one of these on Friday.

6) Bike Spoke Bracelets Bike Innertube Belts and Wallets Recycled Bike Parts

A cool collection of functional jewelry and accessories made from Recycled Bike Parts.

It's Our Earth, Inc.
127 N. Main St.

Wheaton, IL 60187

(630) 668-3800

Here are a couple links to America Recycles Day This is the Illinois Recycling Association : This is the National Recycling Coalition

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