Mathie meets with 'blooper' boy

However, the times have changed and what was once a naughty word is no longer. Mathie met up with that boy, Kurt Mackey of Oak Park, who is now 46.

In 1969, Mackey was at the Shrine Circus at Medinah Temple for a special performance for visually and hearing impaired children. Mackey, who has been blind since birth, called Mathie out of the blue.

Of course, Mathie remembered him- and had a blooper from the interview where Mathie asked him what sound he liked best at the circus.

"I like to hear the lions and tigers roar ... and I like to hear the elephants fart," said Mackey.

Mackey said he didn't realize he'd said a naughty word.

"The lights went off and that was the end of the interview. So either I had something right or wrong. I wasn't sure. But I knew I was going to be on TV," said Mackey.

Mackey was used on TV, but that word was bleeped out so viewers would not hear it.

"When I realized you and the cameraman were laughing I figured I hit a chord," said Mackey.

Now, in 2008, that word's not so bad. So, an un-bleeped version can run of the infamous interview. Is it still funny?

"I suppose, I suppose it's a proud moment, Frank," said Mackey.

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