Rescuers use airbags to lift truck off boy

PARK RIDGE, Ill. He was riding his bike to school in Park Ridge when he was struck and dragged. Police say it was an accident and the driver is not expected to face criminal charges.

Firefighters hustled to save the 12-year-old boy, who was pinned underneath a work truck.

"When I first got on the scene, he was talking, he was conscious, he still had his bike helmet on," said Lt. Ron Krause, Park Ridge Fire Dept.

Police say the truck's driver accidentally hit the boy at Devon and Cumberland. The sixth-grade student was on his way to Lincoln Middle School when the accident happened just across the street from a Park Ridge fire station.

"We had the equipment, we had the personnel on hand, so we were able to get them out there right away," said Deputy Chief Jeff Sorensen, Park Ridge Fire Dept.

Crews used an airbag system to lift the truck off the boy. Fire officials say the rescue took 15 minutes, plus another five to get him to the hospital.

Authorities say the boy is being treated at Lutheran General. He is expected to recover. And when he does, firefighters say they hope he'll drop by the fire station and pay them a visit.

"I would love for him to stop by, let him stop by and let him touch some of the equipment that saved his life, let him see what's going on. Maybe if the chief let's us, give him a ride in the squad. We'll give him a ride in the squad," Krause said.

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