Thanksgiving Challenge

Carlyn Bergoff's Thanksgiving Day Recipes (click here)

- Thyme roast turkey
- Berghoff traditional stuff
- Simply steamed green beans
- Cranberry orange salsa
- Southern sweet potatoes pie
- Midwest cobbler.

· The Berghoff Catering & Restaurant Group is a multi-faceted business that includes the Berghoff restaurant (located at the historic 17 W Adams address), Berghoff Catering and the Berghoff Café. The company is owned and operated by Carlyn Berghoff, fourth-generation member of one of Chicago's most prominent restaurant families.

· The Berghoff restaurant combines old Berghoff family favorites with a contemporary flair creating "tradition with a twist." The restaurant's facilities include the dining area, the Berghoff Bar and the Berghoff Café, each offering a casual dining experience to meet any occasion. The restaurant also offers meeting and events space, including the historical Century Room.

· To preserve their family traditions, Carlyn Berghoff and her mother Jan co-authored "The Berghoff Family Cookbook," a collection of first-time published classic and new Berghoff recipes, as well as photos that illustrate the restaurant's history and home entertaining tips.

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Carlyn's Tips

* Start with a strategy and make a list of what you have already
* choose produce that's abundant and in season
* cheat when it comes to similar ingredients; you won't sacrifice on flavor
* skip the more expensive organic aisle
* consider buying store brands but compare ingredients first to make sure they're similar
* consider splitting a turkey and saving half for the rest of the holidays
* make your own dessert which is half the cost of store bought
* scan the local paper for coupons and take advantage of store savings cards
turkey tips:
-buy frozen which is less expensive than fresh (except if it's the day before thanksgiving)
-buy just enough bird to give you two servings per person
-read labels and check with grocer if you don't see the right size turkey at the advertised price it could be in back
get creative with table decorations and food garnish:
- All you really need is the food, the food speaks volumes, it's just in how you present it. So, we can garnish your turkey with fresh produce that you can use for another dish."
- get the kids involved and make your own place cards

Jill Cataldo's Tips:

Watch loss leaders... and use a coupon.
Almost all stores are going to have traditional Thanksgiving foods priced as "loss leaders" (meaning, they're often priced below the store's cost.) These will include items like pie filling, cranberry sauce and stuffing mix, as well as baking supplies like flour, sugar, and butter. Watch for those items to take a plunge in price, and then use a coupon with them for even bigger savings!

Look for "combination deals" for turkeys or hams
Close to Thanksgiving, many stores typically run deals offering you a discount on ham or turkey, such as a store coupon for "$5 off a turkey when you spend $20 on groceries." Combining that with your regular grocery shopping for the week can bring the price of the turkey down. Remember too that frozen turkeys and canned hams are typically less expensive than fresh turkeys and hams.

Sales on Thanksgiving items may actually be cheaper someplace other than the grocery store. Anytime there's a holiday sale, stores like Wal-Mart, Target, Kmart, and even drugstores like CVS and Walgreens get into the game - and many have Thanksgiving foods priced cheaper than the grocery store!

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