Journalists hope to save student newspaper

CHICAGO The economic climate forced the publication to end last month. But those involved are hoping to save the paper and continue what many students say has been an invaluable experience.

The Tribune and Sun Times may be the best known newspapers of our era, but for the past 32 years New Expression has been their equivalent among teenagers. A project of Youth Communication Chicago, the paper- which is produced entirely by school age students- faces a bleak future.

" ," said Phil Costello, YCC executive director.

As part of an out reach program, New Expressions also sends Columbia College journalism students to local schools to encourage an interest in journalism and the paper.

"It means a lot to students they open up their minds, their ideas what's going on in their community. Things they wouldn't ordinarily want to talk about," said Lucia Crespo, journalism student.

"New Expression was kind of their form of hope because we go to environments that take away that hope completely from these kids. And, for us to come down there give them a chance to say what they want to say, to take that away from them is rather saddening," said Daanyel George, journalism student.

Before the publication ended in October, 46,000 copies of the newspaper were published every other month for circulation to 280 schools in Chicago. Since its inception nearly 4,000 teens have been associated with new expression many are now working professionals.

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