Chicago area volunteers help less fortunate

At times, it seemed there were more volunteers serving the food, than those sitting down for a meal. At the Chicago Christian Industrial League, volunteers served more than 200 people just in the first 30 minutes of their Thanksgiving brunch. And that, says Executive Director Mary Shaver, is what it's all about.

"It warms your heart to be doing something for someone else, and that is what Thanksgiving is all about," Shaver said.

Governor Blagojevich also showed up at the Industrial League., along with his wife and daughters. The state's first family chatted with residents and reflected on the increased need for charity.

"The demand for food from the Chicago Food Depository...families across Illinois need more help," the governor said.

Also serving Thanksgiving lunch was the Haymarket Substance Abuse Center, which doled out 675 meals to its residential clients, family members and staff.

At La Rabida children's hospital, chefs from the American Culinary Federation prepared meals for their young patients and their families.

While at the South Side's Quinn Chapel, Chicago police officers volunteered their time to serve up meals to the homeless.

"I'm serving great sweet potatoes...dirty rice, which is fantastic...and salad with croutons," said Det. Joseph Mancilla of the Chicago Police Dept.

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