Cyber Monday Shopping Tips

Use trustworthy websites - the BBB has seen a increase if fraudulent or fake web sites - you think you are dealing with a reputable organization but there are a growing number of fake sites that look like a real site! Check the out with the BBB first at

  • Make sure the Web site is secure - it should have a http(s) or a lock symbol on the bottom right corner.

  • You need to ask what the refunds and exchange policy is before you buy not after. You may not be able to get your money back you may only receive a in store credit - refunds and exchanges is a privilege not a right!

  • Ask about shipping policies. If you buy in the internet it is of paramount importance that you ask about their shipping policies - under federal law if you order by mail - phone or online - it must be shipped by the date promised or if no date was provided it must be shipped within 30 days - 30 days from now is beyond CHRISTMAS!

  • Be wary of closeout sales as there are typically no refunds - no exchanges - if the tv is broken, you have to deal with the manufacturer not where you bought it from.

  • Don't open electronic boxes to wrap them up as there is usually a restocking fee of 15 percent.

  • Set a budget - problems usually surface when you impulse buy.

  • Know ahead a time of what the product sells for on average as you may not always get a deal on the Internet.

  • Always buy with a credit card – it's the safest form of payment.

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