Fall-Winter Collection from Bonjour Fleurette

Glamour meets comfort in these stylish and fun slippers, created by Judi Flowers and her design team at Bonjour Fleurette, flowerslippers.com. New this year are the "Pirouettes," a selection of low-heeled, backless slippers that are so dressy, you'll want to wear them to parties, instead of around the house. You can even custom design your own pair of "Pirouettes." Matching footwear for children and grownups is available in the "Mommy and Me" line.

These glamorous slippers are the latest chapter in her business, which Judi says began as a fairytale. "A fairytale should have a compelling story, interesting characters, amazing locations… and a glamorous slipper," Judi says. The story of Bonjour Fleurette actually starts with the slipper, but contains all the elements of a Cinderella story.

Bonjour Fleurette, founded in Sausalito, CA and headquartered in Novato, CA, actually found its step on the streets of Paris, France. A group of friends, including original co-founder Greta Longmire and current CEO Judi Flowers, found themselves in a Paris hotel back in 2000, attending world famous Fashion Week. Little did they know that their simple act of irreverence – putting silk flowers on regular slipper as an act of girlish fun – would create a buzz that would ultimately build a company.

Bonjour Fleurette has made its mark on the fashion business by specializing in fun, comfortable, and colorful slippers, flip flops, and accessories. In just a few short years, the company built a successful business with unique styles and colors and celebrity buzz and support. From the stars of "Sex and the City" to the celebrity-making Oprah, Bonjour Fleurette slippers and sandals are worn by mothers and grandmothers, college students and brides, celebrities and style makers.

The company develops products in three major seasons: spring/summer, fall/winter, and cruise. Spring/summer designs offer colorful, unique takes on flip flops as well as other warm-weather styled trends, such as espadrilles and kitten heels. Fall/winter brings slippers in styles that range from warm and traditional to glamour girl sexy. Cruise offers a limited selection of colorful sandals.

Judi and her design team aggressively keep ahead of trends, and work with manufacturing partners who are well versed in style and color development. As partners, this design force creates slippers, shoes and other accessories that are of-the-moment, in both cut and color.

Founded with a belief of cause-based organization, Bonjour Fleurette donates a percentage of slipper sales to the National Hospice Foundation.

Bonjour Fleurette footwear is available in S (7), M (8), L (9) and XL (10); children's sizes are available for "Mommy and Me" styles. Bonjour Fleurette's footwear can be found at over 1300 boutiques, retailers and catalogs nationwide. For store locations and to see all the styles, visit bonjourfleurette.com or flowerslippers.com.

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