Chicagoans concerned about icy side streets

CHICAGO And that has some residents concerned about safety. The city is cutting back on salt and snow removal services because of financial concerns.

One school principal on the city's Northwest Side is worried his students will get hurt.

The surface of Nelson Street on the North Side might be better suited to ice skating than driving. It is a solid sheet of ice. And residents are concerned.

"It's very icy," said resident Scott Wiesenmeyer. "Nothing's salted over here."

A little farther northwest it's no better. And parents are worried because the streets surround an elementary school. One neighbor took pictures of the streets Thursday morning when kids were walking to school. By Thursday evening, little of the ice had melted.

"I'm very worried," said resident Tammy Cantore. "Idon't see any reason streets shouldn't be plowed."

After the first snowfall of the season earlier this week, city streets and sanitation officials warned that because of the tight budget they would limit plowing and salting of side streets. Regarding the snow Wednesday night, they say, "The 184 trucks used in this snow program were sent home at 8:30 p.m. While the side streets were not the focus of this snow program, complains about icing on side streets are being tracked via the 3-1-1 system and assigned."

Of course, the city's budget is tight as well. But some parents say it's a matter of priorities.

"There's other ways that could save money, that's a safety concern. And with my two kids here, that's my main concern," said Tammy Cantore.

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