Treacherous side streets raising concerns

CHICAGO Those conditions are making getting around the city and suburbs very treacherous.

The thing is do is to dress appropriately; dress in layers. Also, those in the Chicago area are advised not to stay outside too long.

It took more than just a few layers of clothing to keep warm Friday. Some Chicago area visitors ABC7 caught up with knew how to dress for the Windy City. The cold did not seem to bother them as they took in the sights outside.

When asked if they were cold, they said no.

Others had a different opinions.

"The cold and wind just cut through your body and slaps you in the face," Misha Dvorak said.

"It's cold. Very refreshing," said Pat Moore. " Yeah, I like it. You get a good color in your face."

"This is terrible. I'm not happy," another woman said.

For those who are homeless and want to come in out of the cold, warming centers are available, like the one at 10 South Kedzie.

"If you need someplace to keep warm, you can come here or to one of the five other Department of Human Services facilities to get warm," said Commissioner of the Dep. of Emergency Services Ronald Bogan.

With the cold temperatures has come snow and ice. It's icy throughout the streets. As of Friday, snow clean-up had cost more than $500,00. Still, there are complaints about conditions on many side streets, and Mayor Daley acknowledged some of them Friday.

"There are some points where you are trying to find out why they missed a corner in a bloc. They didn't miss all the other corners. So, we're taking those complaints very seriously. Why is the rest of the block is ok, but that little corner is not? Like anything else, we try to find out did they skip it. We're trying to figure that out. We will," Mayor Daley said.

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