Loop construction fire extinguished

CHICAGO The building is on the northeast corner of State Street and North Wacker Drive. No injuries were reported.

The fire department says roofing materials on the very top of this building, which is under construction, caught fire. It is a hotel which is under construction and unoccupied at this point.

But the roofing materials were apparently ignited by a torpedo heater near the construction shed on the roof of that building. The plywood ignited and was burning pretty good. There was a lot of smoke coming from the top of that building, as well as flames.

It took the fire department a short time to be able to get water up to the roof of that building. They were, however, able to find a sand pipe at the bottom and just in a matter of minutes they were able to bring water up to the top and once they had the water on the roof, they were able to extinguish the flames within about a minute or so. It was very smoky, though, in part because there's a tremendous amount of wind.

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