Teen charged in girl's hit-and-run death

PROSPECT HEIGHTS, Ill. The teen driver charged with killing her appeared in court Monday.

Both teenagers were coming from parties on Saturday night. Both attended the same high school. Prosecutors say the older of the two, 17-year-old Kevin Schuh, was coming from party where he had been drinking. They say he had consumed eight drinks and was warned not to drink but drove anyway before he hit the 15-year-old. Monday, a judge set his bond at $500,000.

Late Saturday night, prosecutors allege, a young woman was crossing the street in Prospect Heights at the same time a young man was driving down that street after leaving a party. The young woman, 15-year-old Margaret Skrzypkowski was hit. She died of multiple traumas. Prosecutors say the force of impact lifted her out of her boots and detached the hood of her coat.

Schuh is charged with aggravated driving under the influence causing death as well as reckless homicide.

Prosecutors say Schuh had left a party where he had been drinking. He allegedly left the accident scene and went to his girlfriend's house then called police alleging someone vandalized his car. Prosecutors say Schuh was glassy eyed and slurring. A breathalyzer test determined Schuh's alcohol level was .063.

Schuh's attorney says Schuh has no record, is the captain of his rugby team, and was bound for college.

"It's so horribly disheartening to this family, who has had a very fine young man and raised a good boy. Words can't even express the follow they feel," said Barry Sheppard, Schuh's attorney.

Monika Skrzypkowski's parents spoke to ABC7 Sunday.

"She was so young. She was only 15. She was going to have her Sweet 16 in April," said Margaret Skrzypkowski, victim's mother.

Schuh's parents expressed their sympathy for the other family. They are trying to collect enough money to get their son out of jail.

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