Union says sit-in at factory not over yet

CHICAGO It appears to be success for Republic employees. They were still standing around outside late Tuesday afternoon however, and inside they say it's not over yet, they still have to meet. They also added they realize they represent a symbol for the fight of the working man and woman.

For five days close to 300 employees of Republic Windows and Doors have conducted a sit-in taking over the factory and refusing to leave after being laid off last Friday, after Bank of America cancelled its financing, forcing the company to close down.

The workers said they would not leave until their demands are met. They are asking for a accrued vacation and severance.

Tuesday afternoon Bank of America released a statement proclaiming it will extend credit to the company so it can resolve additional claims of employees.

"We don't know nothing. We weren't told. They have to make a commitment to come here and talk to us. That's what we know. All those are rumors. We don't know if it's the truth. When they get here, we're going to have a meeting with all the workers. And we're going to decide what to do," said Raul Flores, Republic worker.

As Flores said, it's not over, it's up to the employees to decide whether they accept the offer.

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